February 07, 2011

Burlesque shoot 25-01-2011

My first shoot with Acid Doll!

So first of all, I had a Burlesque shoot last week with the lovely and cute "Acid Doll". It was hard to find the right place, cause we first thought of the Metropole hotel in brussels. They were affraid of their reputation, so we couldn't shoot there.
I wonder what they were thinking of what we all would do :-)
We already had the fantastic costume from the wonderful designer "Love Burlesque.
It was a pleasure to use her costume and accessoiry and it looked stunned on my model. We are also featured on her website ;-)
I would recommend everyone to use her creations, cause they are really from good quality.

So 3 days before the shoot I had to look for another location. after a long time of searching i found a wonderful Hotel in Brugge. I mailed the owner and it was ok. Finally found a location! Yes, now we could be creative and use the beautiful salon.
It was a rainy day, so perfect to shoot indoors. after about 5 hours (make up included) we were done and then i could relax and drive home after a tiring but productive day.

I can tell you that sometimes it is very interesting to buy or look into magazines. cause I got some glittery eyelashes that I found a few days before the shoot and I thought that they were perfect for the coming shoot, you can find them in the following magazine : http://www.glamit.be/

All credits go to :
Acid Doll : http://www.modelmayhem.com/307613
Designer : http://www.loveburlesque.com/
Photographer (Me) : http://www.damona-art.com

Here are some results :

Please remember, these photos are also copyrighted within the exif files for safety reasons. 
Do not use them without my permission.

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