December 11, 2010



 * I 've made my first book with Blurb and I would like to share that with you. It's called : "THE SECRET LIFE OF TREES" with my very best of this serie : http:/​/​www.​blurb.​com/​books/​1687362

* On 27-05-2010 I won a Photo competition with Jalbum under the theme "macro and close up" by Jack Wollingsworth. I get a 1 year free subscription and I'm also featured in the Blog and Newsletter of Jalbum (see link), whoehoew ;-)
I'm registrated under 'Discover' Rosita with the album : "Nature's Secrets".

* 2 images were published in 'Digital Photo magazine' of my shoot with 'Schokpop' and 1 was used in a CD on how to manipulate your photos.

* My work featured of the shoot with 'Death Bird' as 'Pin up of the month November 2010' at :

* I'm regulary featured in the following magazine : http:/​/​www.​zoom.​nl

3 photos Will be published in the December issue 2010 of the french magazine 'Revue3emillénaire' also called 'Third millenium' : http:/​/​www.​revue3emillenaire.​com/​accueil/​accueil.​php?pid=1

8 photos will be published in the Pinup perfection magazine of february 2011 : http:/​/​pinupperfectionmagazine.​com/
* Featured as pin up of the month at "Desert Orchid Corsets" :

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