November 04, 2010

First images with Spectra

Owkay, today I went experimenting with my new Image Spectra 1200 si camera and what a difference!!
I used Old spectra film (expired from 2007). but what an effect!
Yes, that's the result I want ;-)

Still I used the black card to protect the images from light, and I didn't want to take the risk of over-exposing them.
A little boy came to me while I was shooting and asked me what the hell I was doing with that thing? hehe. He never saw that in his entire life 'lol'.
I guess that's the difference of being born in the 70's.
I explained him that this is great toy and showed him the picture after 2 minutes of praying. Wow, I was surprised myself. I felt like a child too at that moment hehe. It was lots of fun playing with this Polaroid. Best one so far......but that can be, because of the old film.

I guess i have to buy an ND filter for my sx70's, cause light is all I see and terrible low contrast. More will be added here when I have this filter for it.

So here are the result with the following cam (click images to see larger) :

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