October 24, 2010

Time for meeting the new Polaroid skin ;-)

Dear o dear......that was  a lot of work hehe.
Finally I finished adding the new skin on my white sx 70.

First of all I ordered my sx 70 in the US and ofcourse I had to pay 10 euro customs again. I hate Belgium sometimes! the customs do depend on the traveling costs too. So that can't be more than 25$ all in total. That means with the worth of your item included!
But luckely we managed to fool around with the price on the package :-)
I don't know how long that will work in the future.

The skin was really crumbling and i doubt if it was leather. anyway, I decided to go for a new skin, but how would I do that?
I sent an email to the Impossible project for asking if they were selling skins too, next to the new cameras they are making. But the answer was NO.
Ok, no good answer......perhaps they are affraid that we would all renew the old sx 70's and don't buy new ones anymore, cause that project has to earn money somehow since they restarted producing this year.

So I went to the carpetstore and searched for some vinyl (for the floor) of about 1mm thickness and found it for 5 euros. sometimes such stores do have remains which you can buy really cheap. so i found the perfect skin ;-)
then I went to the Brico for adhesive especially for creative actions and now I could start the transformation.
It was really difficult removing the old skin and I had to be careful not to damage the camera, after an hour or so I finally removed it with the help of a spatula, my goodness!
It's important to remove all rests of old glue before adding a new skin. So I used aceton with gloves.

Then I saw on the SDZN website a sx 70 template of the real size of the skin that I need, cause otherwise it's really difficult for measuring. I just printed and cutted it out and then marked it again on the vinyl. that went easy.
Now I had to cut the vinyl inside the lines, cause otherwise the pattern will be too large, so i did. The glue I have was really easy to work with, it's a sort of Gel which does not stick and goes smoothly.
And then there it was.........it started to look good hehe. I wanted to give the skin a personal touch by drawing some personal things on it, I just used a pen for that in different colors. and voila >> finished!
I'm so proud now with the new skin..........let's hope the camera works now heheheee :p
First testshots soon.

Now you can see a compilation of before and after, I hope you like the new skin as much as I do. I so love my white Polaroid!!

Click the photo for larger view!

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